Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our frequently asked questions.


Can we exchange your masks?

Like all sanitary products, they are not exchangeable except in the case of a manufacturing defect.

Do you deliver at home?

Yes, throughout the European Union

What are the sizes?

For the ‘3 Ply Bibs’ – Size S: Teenagers and Women, Size L: Men

For the ‘Duck Beak’ only one size: Adults (Men or Women)

For children’s masks only children’s size

Where are they made?

100% made in Morocco, in Marrakech to be precise

Is there any maintenance to be done so that they keep their properties?

Our masks are guaranteed for a minimum of 20 washes. Do not rush the elastics. Don’t use it for anything other than its vocation and you will have a perfect satisfaction during all its life.

What materials are used?

Outer layer in Jersey Polyester, and the inner layer 100% cotton

What is the delivery time from the order?

Between 48 h and 72 h by carrier with cash on delivery.

If the order does not match, can I return it?

If the individual packages are unopened, yes of course, in accordance with our general terms and conditions.

Can I pay by credit card?

Affirmative on our online site.

Is it necessary to wash the mask after the first use?

Affirmative, it is even mandatory and clearly indicated on our packaging.

Is it medical equipment?

Our masks are not classified as medical equipment, but they provide all the security required for barrier gestures in a leisure or professional setting.

Do you have all models in all sizes?

We had a study carried out in this direction and the report n°17945 dated 13/05/2020 confirms the absence of heavy metals in the inks used.

Children’s sizes go up to what age?

It depends on the size of the child, the important thing being to protect him/her from possible contamination. However, experts advise against wearing a mask before the age of 3 years.

Are there duck beak models with elastics behind the ears or headband masks with elastics behind the head?

The DGA certifications attributed to our masks specify the position of the elastics: headband for the duck beaks, and earband for the 3-ply headbands.

Do you do “made to measure”?

Not exactly. We do customization knowing that we have done extensive studies on the patterns of our masks so that their size fits the largest number of people.

Can I disinfect my mask without washing it?

The authorities recommend a 20-minute wash at 60° to ensure the disappearance of any viral load.

Do you have rates for professionals?

You can contact us by phone (professional service noted on the site) or with the form in the personalization section.