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All about Kechly

To deal with this VIDOC pandemic 19, the government decided to put measures in place. Among these measures, the obligation to wear a mask was a matter of course, both in active workplaces and when going outdoors.

This constraint is expected to continue over time …

Indeed, it would be reasonable to think that this will last at least until the end of the year.

In these circumstances, with a small team of professionals, Kechly has set up a new concept of customized cloth safety goggles and offers you an optimized use of it!

Why choose our customized protective masks?

The mask is :
  • Certified/approved Afnor n S76001/2020 and DGA / IFTH
  • .

  • Reusable and washable 30 times
  • Delivered free of charge to your premises
  • Customized from 100 copies
  • Solidary because a contribution will be donated to Institut Pasteur and the Hôpitaux de France..

The advantages of our solution :

Approved protection

Our personalized protective masks are approved and certified by AFNOR, DGA and IFTH which guarantees its use and its effectiveness against COVID 19.

Costs and logistics

You don’t have to store an incredible amount of masks, nor risk a disruption in your supply chain because the quantities needed for proper use are extremely small.

Object of communication guaranteed by the use of our personalized protective masks :

To be a commercial and responsible vector by highlighting product assets and promises of the brand;
  • A bank to communicate about their EMP loan or their VSE program, by offering masks to clients entering the branch
  • .

  • A Call Center: to launch a massive recruitment campaign
  • A dairy group that would offer a mask for every purchase of X products
  • .

  • A store that would offer a mask to any incoming customer
  • A sme for the protection of its employees for and its image
Imagine the commercial benefits:
  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors who will use or offer white masks
  • You inform and advise your customers or collaborators on the importance of its use
  • .

  • You show the public that you care about them and your people
  • .

Our Commitment

Quality and safety
  • You effectively protect your employees and/or customers
  • You don’t have recycling costs or problems unlike disposable masks after 4h.
  • You commit yourself socially: our company is committed to donate a sum per mask to the Pasteur Institute and hospitals in France.

De plus, nous mettons à votre disposition une équipe de professionnels graphique afin de vous aider à réaliser votre logo, message, communication